Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 1 (Friday)-- Off to an early start (4 PM) from San Francisco, so only got as far as Ontario, CA (just east of LA).

Driving four hours down the Imperial Valley gives new meaning to California as the breadbasket of the country. Endless acres of almond trees in bloom, orange trees filled with fruit, cattle, sheep and unknown green stuff. Stopped in a fruit stand full of tangelos, sweet, sweet oranges, sweet lemons, grapefruit, cashews and pistachios.

Ontario obviously a Destination City, because there was no room at the Inn (or the Lodge or the Suites). Finally found a Motel 6. Worst dump I've ever stayed in. The ice machine was out of order and we were forced to drink our tequila neat. Intermittent internet was additional hardship.

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